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Our has followed different rules and policies categorized into Digital Millennium Copyright Act, along with many other property laws. If search engines of detect any hyperlink or URL into the copyrighted matters or copyrighted posts, deletion of all such posts by webmasters is mandatory. Simultaneously, webmasters have to give the details about the copyrighted post and corresponding hyperlink by mailing us at our official id available in the contact us page.

Webmasters should remember about their liabilities related to different types of damages in case of highlighting information of in the wrong way, as misrepresentation will violate our copyrights. Hence, to avoid any damages or losses due to wrong highlight of information, you should consider hiring the services of a qualified lawyer possessing a good experience in dealing with WordPress sites rules and copyright acts.

Necessary Points to Make Claims about Violation of Copyrights

Webmasters seeking to claim about violation of copyrights have to consider necessary points for doing the same in hassle-free way as possible.

Webmasters are bound to give relevant information of their infringed and copyrighted posts to us, which may contain suitable search terms, under which your copyrighted posts are appearing in the search results.

Bloggers, webmasters and other online viewers should give correct information about their mail address and phone number to us, so that our expert team can approach and communicate with them in correct way. Specifically, containing a valid email id is compulsory.

Please give us a small duration to look over your issues and to give a suitable response to your query. You should never choose to complain about copyright infringement claims to any other website owners or other groups, like online service provider. The reason for this is that such steps will never help in expedition of your made requests and even lead to delayed response because of filing complains in incorrect way.

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